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        Business philosophy:

        Integrity, service, professionalism, efficiency, mission, value


        Committed to providing customers with reliable quality projects;

        Mechanical products and excellent service


        Zhejiang Boside  Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production, sales and distribution of nitrogen-assisted injection molding equipment and high-pressure gas equipment. Main business: nitrogen generator, high pressure compressor, nitrogen control system, nitrogen mold manufacturing, injection molding production and other five major projects. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the production and technical engineering of nitrogen-assisted injection molding (gas-assisted injection molding).

        BOSIDE relies on advanced technology, reliable quality, timely delivery, perfect after-sales service, in-depth study of various international standards and strict adherence to the establishment of close domestic and international group companies at preferential prices. Long-term partnership. In addition to designing, manufacturing and inspecting products in accordance with German, US, European and Chinese standards, products can also be manufactured to customer requirements.

        We have a complete technical department, injection molding production department and after-sales service department. Ability to quickly provide quality service and production of plastic products to valued customers. We are committed to being the best supplier to all major companies, which is the foundation of Boss!

        Business Consulting: 0086-579-8766 8613    86-13325991728 (24 hours)

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        Specializing in the production and sales of nitrogen-assisted injection molding equipment Gas-assisted injection molding process and R&D and application of gas-assisted molds

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